Writing at Barnes and Noble with my hubby

J. Rose Allister is an award-winning story writer and the author of more than twenty erotic and romance novels.

Movies I've Recently Watched: (and not necessarily for the first time) Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Elf, The Seeker: The Dark is Rising

TV shows I Like: The Walking Dead, The Blacklist, Reign, Game of Thrones, Grimm

What I've been Reading: Kenobi by John Jackson Miller; Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne; Delicious by Susan Mallery

I tend to dream up stories while either lying in bed at night, sitting at my desk at work, or anywhere I happen to be at the moment. It's exciting to watch a story unfold, especially when my characters say or do something unexpected!

Before I started writing novels, I wrote and co-wrote short stories that occasionally appeared in magazines, online, or were entered in contests. Before that, I wrote pieces for stage skits and amateur film. Before THAT, I wrote non-fiction articles for a health newsletter as well as the college paper. Over the years, I've also served as an editor, acquisition/submission director, flash fiction publisher, and author promoter.

When I'm not busy playing chase-the-muse around my laptop, I enjoy spending time with my family (including my also hunky, yet elusive and smart-aleck spouse, author Michael Jade), reading, and movies. I rarely go anywhere without a reading device, even if it's on my phone! I also homeschool my daughter. We are big Disney and Star Wars fans.

--J. Rose